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Kilgo Consulting, Inc.
“Teach the Standards, Not the Test”

Standards First, Inc.:
“The gaps are not in the students, the gaps are in the programs and  resources."

When Margaret Kilgo retired from the Houston Independent School District, she was determined to conduct educational research to answer questions she had about literacy, mathematics, and science student achievement in Texas, nationally, and internationally.

In 1996, Margaret founded Kilgo Consulting, Inc. with goals to 1) create equity of opportunity for all students regardless of their economic status, background, or ethnic group, and 2) to develop a research model with meaningful findings to significantly improve student achievement and curriculum programs at the state and national levels. She has conducted over 100,000 hours of in-depth research to identify and describe the relationship between state and national curriculum standards and standardized assessments without any review of test-taking strategies or multiple-choice options.

Margaret Kilgo has been awarded 70 Federal ID copyrights for intellectual property for 1) identification of reading comprehension skills, mathematics and science concepts, and academic vocabulary in state and national curriculum standards and assessed on standardized assessments; 2) implications for classroom instruction and assessment programs to support teachers in teaching state and national curriculum standards to the level of rigor of standardized assessments without multiple-choice or test-taking strategies; and 3) coding of state and national standards to the new SAT 2016 and ACT 2014, Grades 3-12.

Margaret Kilgo has provided workshops for thousands of teachers and administrators in Texas and the nation for 20 years. The Kilgo workshops demonstrate a) how to use student performance data to identify significant gaps in lessons in textbooks, programs, and materials; b) provide a standards-based instructional program focused on state and national curriculum standards; and c) stop multiple-choice practice and teaching test-taking strategies.

In 2016, Margaret Kilgo founded Standards First, Inc. to put an emphasis on the importance of state and national instructional programs focusing on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

In 2004, Sandy Milkey, former Associate Director of Just for the Kids joined Kilgo Consulting, Inc. as a technology and word expert and conference planner to develop professional notebooks for the Kilgo Research Model and Findings and to organize educator workshops.

Margaret Kilgo’s daughter, Leigh Kilgo Weisinger, a former teacher, joined Kilgo Consulting, Inc. in 2004 and provides tremendous support in all areas to the mission of Kilgo Consulting, Inc. and Standards First, Inc. and coordinates all contracts and workshop registrations.

Prior to founding Kilgo Consulting, Inc., Margaret Kilgo was a teacher, elementary and middle school principal, and administrator in the Houston Independent School District for 30 years. For ten years, she was the principal of Cornelius Science/Math Magnet school. During her tenure, the Cornelius science program was named one of twelve outstanding elementary science programs in the nation by the National Science Foundation, the only elementary school in Texas ever to receive this prestigious award. She was named “Principal of the Year” and the “Margaret Kilgo Park” is part of the Cornelius Science Academy campus. For six years, Mrs. Kilgo was the principal of the oldest African-American school and the campus ranked #1 on the Title I list as having the most students living in poverty in Houston ISD. The Gregory-Lincoln Education Center, Pre-K-8, was a Teaching Academy for the University of Houston focused on “Learning to Teach in an Inner-City School,” a program developed by Dr. Jane Stallings and named the top university pre-service teaching program in the nation during Mrs. Kilgo’s tenure. In 1996, under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Rod Paige, former U.S. Secretary of Education, Mrs. Kilgo developed the Houston Reading Initiative which led to Governor George W. Bush’s Texas Reading Initiative.

In 2008, Margaret was selected to serve as a member of the five-member National Anchor Standards Literacy Committee funded by the Melinda and Bill Gates Education Foundation. This committee was chaired by David Coleman, a Rhodes Scholar, President of Student Achievement Partners (New York City), and current President of The College Board, with the purpose of developing a new set of national anchor standards in reading and writing, Grades K-12. In March 2010, these newly developed standards, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), were adopted by 46 state governors as the new national standards for literacy (reading and writing).