School District / Campus Designation

To be designated as a “Standards First” classroom, campus, and/or school district the following criteria are met:

  • Equity in a standards-based instructional program for all students regardless of background or ethnic group;
  • No remediation for any student outside the state or national curriculum standards. Remediation support provided through the grade-level standards;
  • A commitment to a deep understanding by all teachers, administrators, and staff members that the “gaps are not in the students,” the gaps are in the lessons in programs, materials, textbooks, and programs;
  • Accurate evaluation of curriculum standards alignment of all programs, materials, textbooks, and programs including Internet programs BEFORE purchasing any instructional program or material and requiring it to be taught;
  • Evaluation of current practices and programs and all instructional program decisions are made based on accurate and relevant student performance data with a passing standard of 70% of students answering standards-aligned questions correctly;
  • Focus on college readiness and career readiness standards with data-based results for all students; and
  • Transparency in communication with parents regarding their child’s academic journey toward college readiness beginning in Grade 3 and continuing through Grade 12.


To begin the process of meeting all the criteria listed above and to receive a Standards First Certificate to be proudly displayed in a classroom, campus, and/or school district, please contact