Workshops Available for Standards First Certification  (Standards First, Inc. and Kilgo Consulting, Inc.)

  1. Data-Driven Decisions: An innovative process with application of Analytics for digging deeper in standards-based assessment data trends including groups of students’ gaps in their academic journey toward college readiness, grades 5-12, with six key data-based instructional decisions designed to positively impact student achievement.
  2. College Readiness Framework: A copyrighted framework of coding the Texas curriculum standards, (TEKS/SEs), and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for specific reading comprehension skills and mathematics concepts assessed on the new 2016 SAT and 2014 ACT, science concepts assessed on SAT II Science; and Advanced Placement exams in English Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies.
  3. Assessment Questions: An original, copyrighted process for developing standards-based questions on teacher-made tests for grades with aligned question levels in reading, mathematics, and science.
  4. Scope and Sequence Standards-Based Curriculum and Instructional Program Plans for School Districts and/or Campuses, Copyrighted, highly-organized electronic standards-based pacing charts that can be customized by districts or school campuses, K-12, for teaching a standards-based curriculum and organizing the instructional program including the College Readiness Framework and the Kilgo Research Model for designing lessons to the correct level of rigor of  standards-based assessments without multiple-choice.
  5. Teacher Collaborative Planning Model/Treasure Hunts for Best Lessons: Teachers study and research the curriculum standards, TEKS/SEs, or CCSS and conduct Treasure Hunts through all available instructional resources for the best lessons meeting components criteria of alignment with standards; and
  6. High School Collaborative Model: Teacher plan standards-based lessons together and develop common assessments for grades using the Kilgo Data-Driven Decisions Model with outstanding student achievement results.


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